Text service alerts householders to an energy efficient Christmas

Credit: Robbie Sproule, Wikimedia Commons

UK energy management company KiWi Power is launching a text service to alert householders to times of peak power over the holiday period and inviting them to turn off their Christmas lights for an hour.

At times of peak demand, the National Grid has to bring online power stations that can be turned on and start generating quickly – which are often the most polluting fossil-fuel options.

With its new service, Low Carbon Christmas, KiWi Power aims to help reduce peak power demands by encouraging households to switch off non-essential items such as Christmas lights.

Those signing up to the service will receive one text during the Christmas period when the Grid is switching to peak power.

KiWi Power hopes that if enough people sign up to the service, then some peak power stations may not need to be switched on saving CO2.

“We are all acutely aware of just how much energy we use in cold weather and at Christmas, so anything we can do to minimise the most polluting usage with little or no disruption to our lives has to be worth doing,” says KiWi Power founder Ziko Abram.

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