Subsidised insulation could lift 1.3 million UK homes out of fuel poverty

Rockwool thermal insulation

Take up of existing free or subsidised insulation schemes could lift around 1.3 million homes out of fuel poverty, according to analysis by insulation producer Rockwool.

Over 5 million UK homes are currently classed as fuel poor, spending over 10% of their income on heating, and the total could rise to as much as 6.6 million according to some estimates.

But the analysis by Rockwool indicates that insulating lofts, pipes and floors could save households an average 24% on fuel bills, bringing down a typical annual spend of £1300 by up to £315.

With fuel costs rising, experts estimate that for every 1% increase in prices, an extra 40,000 homes fall into fuel poverty.

But under the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) scheme, utilities provide free or subsidised insulation for the most vulnerable.

“It is a worrying contradiction that we live in a country which has high levels of fuel poverty and some of the highest energy prices in Europe yet homeowner take-up of schemes such as CERT has been disappointingly low,” says Rockwool’s director of corporate affairs Paula Bateman.

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14 December 2011