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UK government gives £4 million boost to local energy schemes

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The UK government has announced a £4 million boost for 82 local energy schemes as part of the Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF) initiative.

The LEAF is making £10 million available for organisations like parish councils, voluntary associations, development trusts and faith groups to ‘understand’ local energy efficiency and renewable energy issues.

Successful projects will receive an average £50,000 to undertake projects like opening show homes to demonstrate solid-wall insulation, investing in renewable energy or checking the energy efficiency of homes in the local area.

“We face a gigantic challenge in the coming years to keep the lights on and energy bills down. This means nurturing cleaner, more secure, homegrown energy sources here in the UK,” says Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne. “Local communities, with their energy, drive and innovation, are going to be at the heart of this effort.”

The first 82 projects to be funded include six in London, nine in Wales, 21 in the north, 33 in the south – including projects in Oxford, Winchester, Bristol and Exeter, and the rest spread across the Midlands and East Anglia.

A further 100 or so projects are expected to be funded in a second round of applications, which will close on January 20.

“Hundreds of communities responded fantastically to the opportunity afforded by LEAF with imaginative and innovative schemes. It’s wonderful to see that many of them will be funded and so will have a chance to show just what those communities can deliver,” says Peter Lipman, chair of Communities and Climate Action Alliance.

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16 January 2012