UK home insulation levels making slow progress

The latest UK government statistics show modest improvements in home insulation levels, but solid wall insulation still lags significantly behind.

There are a total of around 26.7 million homes in the UK, 23.3. million of which have lofts, 18.9 million have cavity walls and 7.8 million have solid walls.

While around 60% of homes with lofts have insulation of at least 122 mm (14.4 million) and cavity wall insulation (11.2 million), only 2% have solid wall insulation – or a total of only 122,000.

Since the last figures were published in June 2011, the rates of improvement have stayed more or less the same with around 55,000 properties a month installing cavity wall insulation and over 100,000 installing adequate levels of loft insulation.

But the rates of solid wall insulation installation stand at only around 2000 a month.

That leaves quite a task for the government’s Green Deal, which will launch later this year. Nearly 9 million homes still need adequate loft insulation and over 11 million require cavity wall insulation.

What will prove much trickier is doing something about the 7.7 million homes with solid walls, which are much trickier and more expensive to treat.

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08 March 2012