Renault-Nissan, Enel and Endesa to work together on electric mobility

Renault's ZOE concept vehicle

The Renault-Nissan Alliance revealed today that it has signed an agreement with Italian and Spanish energy companies Enel and Endesa to work together on the infrastructure for electric mobility.

The announcement comes after the Alliance made public its plans to work with Daimler yesterday, sharing expertise and technology for the next generation of electric vehicles.

Manager of the zero emission vehicle unit, Hideaki Watanabe, signed the memorandum of agreement with Enel CEO and general manager Fulvio Conti and COO of the Renault Group Patrick Pélata at the fifth French-Italian governmental summit in Paris.

The partners will look at the potential integration between Renault-Nissan’s electric vehicles and Enel’s own smart recharging infrastructure system based on digital metering technology.

Nissan plans to launch it electric LEAF vehicle later this year, with mass market sales beginning to the US, Japan and parts of Europe in 2012, while Renault has four electric vehicles – the TWIZY, ZOE, FLUENCE and KANGOO – slated for release between 2011 and 2012.

The three companies will aim to develop joint pilot projects for electric vehicles and the supporting infrastructure in Italy, Spain and Latin America.

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09 April 2010