Renault-Nissan Alliance to rollout electric vehicles in Milton Keynes

Renault electric vehicle range

The Renault-Nissan Alliance yesterday signed an agreement with the UK city of Milton Keynes giving its residents priority on orders of the two companies’ electric vehicles.

In return, Milton Keynes Council will support the installation of 430 electric vehicle recharging points in public and private locations around the city and in up to 2000 homes.

Milton Keynes is part of the Joined-Cities Plan, which aims to create a network of charging points across the country, and is receiving funds to support the rollout of electric vehicle infrastructure via the Government’s £30 million Plugged-In Places scheme.

The deal will put Milton Keynes locals top of the list when Nissan’s LEAF electric vehicle becomes available in the UK in early 2011, followed shortly by Renault’s light commercial vehicle, the Kangoo Express ZE, and the four-door Fluence ZE sedan.

Potential customers in Milton Keynes will also be eligible for local incentives, such as free parking and charging, and Government grants of up to £5000.

“The agreement… presents a great opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of our range of electric vehicles in a realistic environment and is a significant step towards our goal of bringing affordable electric mobility to the mass market,” says Renault UK’s managing director Roland Bouchara.

Earlier this month, Renault unveiled the final designs for its range of ‘zero-emission (in use)’ electric vehicles, which includes the two-seater city car Twizy ZE and the five-door Zoe ZE supermini, as well as the Fluence ZE sedan and the Kangoo Express ZE.

Customers can now sign up now to pre-reserve a vehicle or register their interest to become one of the first owners of an electric vehicle when they go on sale.

Renault says that it expects electric vehicles will account for 10% of the world market by 2020 and is investing €4 billion in its zero-emission vehicle programme.

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23 April 2010