E.ON launches scheme to bring solar power to 15,000 UK homes

Energy supplier E.ON yesterday launched a scheme aimed at bringing solar power to 15,000 UK homes.

The £150 million SolarExchange scheme will offer households solar panels, which typically cost around £12,000, for as little as £99 in return for receiving the government’s feed-in tariff.

While customers will benefit from the electricity generated by the solar panels, which could cut bills by up to £180 a year, E.ON will cover its costs through the subsidy payments.

“Solar panels may not be the best option for every customer… [but] most households can save more than a third off their electricity bills,” says Graham Bartlett of E.ON’s energy solutions business.

“But for many the up-front costs can be too much,” he adds. “The key is to provide the right solution in the right way for the customer.”
Other energy companies, including British Gas, and retailers are offering solar panel deals to cash in on feed-in tariffs, as well as similar ‘free’ offers in return for feed-in tariffs.

However, consumer organisations have urged customers to consider so called ‘rent-a-roof’ schemes very carefully, as they can end up tied into long-term contracts.

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28 April 2011