Ocean Power Technologies to develop wave energy system

OPT's PowerBuoy device deployed in Hawaii

Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) has announced an initiative to develop a new wave prediction system to improve the power output of its PowerBuoy wave energy converter.

Working with a consortium of European companies and institutions, the new forecasting system will assess waves as they come in, giving the PowerBuoy’s electronic tuning capability time to react, boosting its power output.

The new PB40 PowerBuoy, which is being built as part of the €4.5 million WavePort project and tested in Spain, will incorporate the technology in the device’s power conversion control system.

OPT is working with Portugal’s Wave Energy Centre, the University of Exeter, the Intelligent Systems Research Institute, Fugro Oceanor and DeGima on the project.

“We have already demonstrated the excellent efficiency and survivability of our PowerBuoy systems with our recent deployments in Scotland and the US,” says OPT’s chief executive Angus Norman. “We are now raising the bar with an innovative technology enhancement in tandem with the European Union’s WavePort project to accelerate commercialization and realize greater PowerBuoy efficiency.”

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27 October 2011