http://www.energyefficiencynews.comAfion Media Ltd US investment of $184 million drives development of efficient vehicles<p>US Energy Secretary Steven Chu has announced an investment of up to $184 million to speed up the development of more efficient vehicle technologies.</p> 2010-12-17T00:00:00-00:00 US policy, transport, road, vehicles, fuel efficiency, plug-in hybrids, PHEVs, electric vehicles, EVs, EU gives van makers an easy ride on fuel efficiency standards<p>The European Union yesterday outlined a deal aimed at improving the fuel efficiency of vans and curbing emissions.</p> 2010-12-16T00:00:00-00:00 EU policy, transport, road, fuel, fuel efficiency standards, emissions, vans, Transport & Environment, Mercedes-Benz delivers its first fuel cell B-Class vehicles to California<p>Carmaker Mercedes-Benz handed over its first F-CELL hydrogen-powered B-Class vehicles to residents in California yesterday.</p> 2010-12-16T00:00:00-00:00 Tranport, road, fuels, hydrogen and fuel cells, Mercedes-Benz USA, B-Class F-CELL, UK Government to unveil plans to overhaul electricity market<p>The UK Government has a once-in-a-generation change to &lsquo;green&rsquo; the country&rsquo;s electricity supply, says environmental group Friends of the Earth, ahead of the unveiling of a consultation on the planned changes tomorrow.</p> 2010-12-15T00:00:00-00:00 UK policy, electricity market reform, infrastructure and distribution, grid, network, renewables, emissions, transport, rail, road, Friends of the Earth, Ernst & Young, Red card for London’s most polluting back cabs<p>The Mayor of London Boris Johnson yesterday announced that the most polluting black cabs will be taken off the road and cabbies will have to take an eco-driving course.</p> 2010-12-15T00:00:00-00:00 UK policy, London Mayor, Boris Johnson, transport, road, taxis, black cabs, eco driving, energy efficiency, emissions, electric taxis, hydrogen and fuel cells, Carmakers start shipping electric vehicles<p>Carmakers are starting to ship the first of their electric vehicle models in the US, UK.</p> 2010-12-14T00:00:00-00:00 Road, transport, electric vehicles, Ford, Azure Dynamics, Ford Transit Connect, Nissan LEAF, General Motors, GM, Chevrolet Volt, THINK City zero-emission vehicle, ZEV, UK Government drives forward electric vehicle incentives<p>The UK Government today confirmed the nine electric vehicles that will be eligible for grants of up to &pound;5000.</p> 2010-12-14T00:00:00-00:00 UK policy, transport, road, electric vehicle incentive, Peugeot iON, Citroen CZero, Nissan LEAF, Tata Vista EV, Toyota Prius Plug-in, Vauxhall Ampera, Chevrolet Volt, Plugged-In Places, charging points, London’s hydrogen fuel cell bus fleet takes to the road<p>The first of London&rsquo;s planned fleet of hydrogen fuel cell buses will take to the road this Saturday.</p> 2010-12-13T00:00:00-00:00 UK policy, London, transport, fuels, road, hydrogen fuel cell buses, Transport for London, ISE, Wrightbus, Ballard Germany’s grid could handle one million electric vehicle, says report<p>Germany&rsquo;s electricity grid could handle one million electric vehicles by 2020 without any problems, according to a report by the country&rsquo;s utility industry.</p> 2010-12-09T00:00:00-00:00 EU policy, Germany, transport, road, electric vehicles, electricity grid, smart grid, transmission and distribution, E.ON, Siemens, State and regional officials agree action on climate change in Canc&uacute;n<p>With uncertainty still hanging over the outcome of the United Nations climate talks in Canc&uacute;n, an offshoot meeting of over 60 state and regional officials reports &ldquo;real climate action&rdquo;.</p> 2010-12-08T00:00:00-00:00 ROW policy, UK policy, EU policy, US policy, United Nations climate change talks Cancún, COP16, The Climate Group, the Alliance, cities, regions,